Cockroach Management Services

Chemicals Used

To effectively eliminate cockroach infestations, we utilize a combination of repellent and non-repellent chemicals such as Temprite (manufactured by Bayer). This is a government-approved, safe, odorless chemical. Other chemicals used include Imidacloprid, chlorpyrifos, cypermethrin, and bifenthrin.

In regards to safety practices, please refrain from touching surfaces until dry. If necessary, please use gloves. Avoid using other chemicals such as Hit or other sprays, and refrain from cleaning for at least 2 hours after pest control treatment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Treatment Procedure

Our treatment procedure involves thoroughly disinfecting the kitchen area, and if necessary, clearing out the space and applying spray and gel to eliminate pests. It is important to address pest infestations promptly as they can not only cause revulsion and introduce harmful pathogens to the environment, but also lead to long-term damage to the building structures. In extreme cases, a business may even have to close down due to pest infestations. However, with Pest Control Care India, you can count on our expertise to control and prevent pest infestations before they escalate. Our proven methods are efficient, environmentally friendly, and aimed at protecting your business from the harmful effects of pests.