Rodent Management Services


Why Go With PCSI For Rodent Control?

Rodents pose a significant threat to the community in terms of hygiene, sanitation, and economics. They serve as carriers for numerous infectious diseases that can affect both humans and animals. Additionally, their persistent gnawing behavior can lead to damage to packaging, gas leaks, electrical disruptions, and short circuits. Consequently, they present considerable health and financial risks.

For all these reasons, the problem of rodent control is highly topical and important. The total elimination of mice and rats and effectively cleaning up the infested environments is extremely essential.

How To Identify Rodent Infestation?

Once contacted, the Omsairam pest control team starts a prompt intervention for rodent control. Our team begins with an accurate inspection of the infestation areas. The objective is to search for the presence of significant traces of rat infestation like excrement, damage due to gnawing, footprints, and other signs indicating the presence of rodents.

The team carefully searches for the access points, the usual routes, and the nesting areas to locate the distribution of the rodent population. These observations are then applied to create accurate plans in order to tackle the rodents’ infestation effectively.