Wood Barer Management Services


Wood Borers Management

Boring insects, such as beetles, wasps, and moths, may spend a significant portion of their life cycle feeding inside a host or transitioning between being borers and defoliators on the same host. These insects, which undergo complete metamorphosis, progress through egg, larva, pupa, and adult stages of development. As they feed, boring insects construct tunnels (galleries) within plant tissue. The feeding activities of borers have the potential to distort, weaken, or impede the growth of trees. Their tunnels can encircle a portion or the entirety of a tree, as well as impact buds, branch tips, seeds, or fruit. The recovery process for trees affected by boring damage, or the replacement of a deceased or damaged tree, is gradual and may span several years.

Why to Book Wood Borer Control Services?

If you detect signs of wood borer infestation at home, make sure to search for wood borer pest control near me to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Proper inspection and detection of wood borers inside your home

  • Preserves your wooden objects and entire property from wood borer infestation

  • Saves time on trying DIY wood borer pest control methods

  • Saves money on wooden repairs

  • Complete peace of mind